Microsoft Performance Dashboard for SQL Server 2008 - Issue 2

Microsoft's SQL Server Performance Dashboard for SSRS 2005 is still an excellent bit of medication abortion kit for checking the status of your SQL Server (Microsoft Download page).

However after finding a slight coding issue when trying to install setup.sql see Previous Blog I have now found another issue when running the code:-

An Error has occured during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted). Cannot read the next data row for anti abortion facts the dataset SESSION_CPU_WAIT_INFO (rsErrorReadingNextDataRow)

The datediff function resulted in an overflow. The number of dateparts separating two date/time instances is too large. Try to use datediff with a less precise datepart.

Again this is a simple fix.  Either amend the following code in setup.sql or look for the SP [MS_PerfDashboard].[usp_Main_GetSessionInfo] in the msdb database.

The line to change is:-

sum(convert(bigint, datediff(ms, login_time, getdate()))) - sum(convert(bigint, s.total_elapsed_time)) as idle_connection_time,


sum(convert(bigint, CAST( DATEDIFF(minute, login_time, getdate()) as bigint)*60000
+DATEDIFF(millisecond, DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, login_time, getdate()), login_time), getdate() )))
-SUM(CONVERT(bigint, s.total_elapsed_time)) as idle_connection_time,

Could not load file or Assembly Microsoft.SharePoint.Search

When developing Web Part's for SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0) in Visual Studio 2008 and referencing the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll sometimes when running the code you will get the following error:-

Could not load file abortion at 5 weeks or Assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Search, Version=, Culture=neutral, teen abortions PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with and incorrect format.


To Fix this add the following to the Projects Post-build event command line:-
del "$(TargetDir)Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.dll"

Installing .Net Assemblies in GAC for Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 Server has a lovely feature that stops you adding abortion pill clinic .Net Assemblies (or .Dlls in generally) into the get an abortion GAC - C:\Windows\Assembly even when logged in as Administrator.

Lots of articles on the web discuss turning off the UAC (User Account Control) or changing the Local Policies.  Also using the GacUtil.exe that comes with .Net Framework returns "Unknown Error".

The solution is actually quite easy and doesn't need Server changes or restarts:-

Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Right click, Run as Administrator).
Run 'Explorer %windir%\Assembly' (or 'Explorer c:\Windows\Assembly)

then run another:-
Run 'Explorer %windir%\Assembly'

Using one of the explorer windows navigate to where your assemblies are located and drag and drop them into the Windows Assembly folder (like usual)

This method also works when trying to uninstall Assemblies from the GAC.

BlackBerry development in Eclipse Errors

Using Windows 7 x64 and trying to install BlackBerry Development for Eclipse I received a few errors:-

Cannot find RIMIDEWin32Util.dll. This is a abortion health risks required component of free abortion clinics the IDE.


And Cannot find RIMUsbJmi.dll. Without this dll the IDE cannot connect to USB enabled handhelds.

Add RIMUsbJni to java.library.path

Make sure you install the correct versions of x86 Java JDK and JRE as per my instructions:-

How to Install Eclipse and BlackBerry Dev tools on Windows 7 x64

How to Install Eclipse and BlackBerry Dev tools on Windows 7 x64

Had great fun trying to get Eclipse and the BlackBerry Development Tools working on my Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Ultimate so I thought I would post the method I found of getting everything working correctly!

BlackBerry development tools only work with Eclipse 3.5.2 (not the latest build)

Eclipse 3.5.2 works correctly only with Java JDK 1.6.0_21 or lower (not the latest build)


All these installs must be run as an Administrator (usual Windows 7 User Control Settings)

First remove all copies of x64 bit Java

Download and surgical abortion install x85 copies of Java (6u20 version):-



Then turn off Java's auto download feature:-

Windows - Control Panel - Programs - Java (32-Bit)

Update Tab - uncheck "Check for updates Automatically" - click apply

Check that the User and System Path are pointing to:-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe


Download and install x86 copy of eclipse SDK Version 3.5.2:-

I copied the eclipse files to the following folder:-

C:\Program Files (x86)\eclipse


Download and install BlackBerry JDE Plugin:-



Run Eclipse (as Administrator)

In Eclipse - Help - Install New Software

Click Add and enter the following:-

Click abortion defin OK then on the following screen tick all the folders and Click Next - Finish (takes a while to install)


And that is it!


Notice that Eclipse 3.3 - 3.5 has the following details (hence why I am installing this version and not anything newer):-

The Eclipse 3.3 - 3.6 launchers for Windows have a problem with the Oracle/Sun Java VM version '1.6.0_21'. You have two choices to work around this:

1. switch back to '1.6.0_20'
2. add the following line after "-vmargs" to your eclipse.ini:

See for more details.