Stream or Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10 Device

The ability to play and stream Xbox One games on any Windows 10 Device is pretty amazing.  Here is the details of how to get this working.

Xbox One Setup

I am running the latest OS Install 10.0.10586.1006

Make sure your settings allow Streaming to Windows 10.  

Bring up Xbox One Settings (on the console).

Select Preferences and Game DVR & streaming

Next make sure the settings are ticked

Windows 10 Device (here I am using a Windows 10 Laptop, but works the same for a Windows 10 Tablet)

Open Store (Microsoft Apps downloader).

Search for "Xbox"

You need to download/install "Xbox" not "Xbox Smart Glass"

Once installed run the app

You will need to login with your Xbox Live account which is the same as the one connected to your Xbox One.

Once this is running, it will show details about your account, last games played, friends etc.

If you want to Stream or Play your Xbox One game on Windows 10 Device then click the Game Streaming (here my Xbox one is called "XBOXONE" but yours might be called something else.

Once running you might see the following:-

Click Continue to just Stream the content from the Xbox one e.g. in View only mode.

Or if you actually want to play the Xbox One game on your Windows 10 Device then either buy the Xbox One Wireless adapter (for Windows 10) or just plug the Usb cable in your Xbox One Controller and the other side in your Usb on the Laptop (Windows 10 Device).

Once this is done you can now play Xbox one games like so:-