BT HomeHub 5 - Better WiFi using Advanced Settings

If you are using the BT supplied HomeHub 5 VSDL WiFi Router then I suggest changing a couple of settings to get the most of it.

First in your Browser (I normally use Google Chrome, but seem to work with Edge and FireFox) go to:- (default unless you have changed it).

And you should see, click on Advanced Settings:-

And you see:-

Scroll to the bottom and enter your password (see card on the back of the HomeHub for this and click OK:-

And you will see the screen, click "continue to Advanced Settings":-

Then click "Wireless":-

Then click "5 Ghz Wireless":-

Then change "Sync with 2.4Ghz" to No and click Apply:-

Also in Advanced Settings I turn off:-
"Home Network" -> "Smart Setup" -> "Enable Smart Setup:" - No - Click Apply.

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